Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Friendship benches

                           Friendship Seats
Have you seen our friendship seats around here before? Well, these friendship seats are used when you are in need of a friend. You may be wondering, how do you use these seats? All you have to do is sit on a bench and wait for a friend to come. Someone will definitely be there for you.
Reported by: Sopheara and Falisha

We're goin' to the Zoo!

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This week our whole school is lucky enough to go to the zoo! Our juniors are going on Tuesday and Wednesday and our seniors are going on Thursday. We are going because our whole school theme this term is Make A Difference (or MAD!). We will spend the day learning abut these wonderful wild animals and having fun!

 Image result for Group of AnimalsReported by Elysia, C4

Plastic Eating Caterpillar Could Eat Through Waste!

Kiwi Kids News

Have you heard of the plastic eating caterpillar who could eat through waste? Well if you haven't here's some information about it. Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered that the larvae of the moth can eat the wax in beehives. Can you believe it? Experiments show that the insect can break down the chemical bonds of plastic in a similar way to digesting beeswax. However, caterpillars of the moth can make holes in plastic bags within an hour.

Reported by Falisha and Sopheara

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The playground upgrade!

The playground upgrade!

An interview with Mr Gilbert

Have you heard that we are getting new playground equipment at Papatoetoe East? The money from the gala will be used to fund it.

Mr Gilbert is not sure if we will upgrade the whole playground or just parts of it. Did you know that the senior playground hasn't been upgraded for over ten years? Can you believe it?

Mr Gilbert doesn't know how much money each structure will cost until the playground people come and take a look. He's hoping that the upgrade will be finished by the end of this year.

Mr Gilbert wanted something that all the students could get value from not just some of the students, that is why he chose the playground project.

The upgrading will start by the end of this term.We might even have a competition to design our new playground.

Reported by Falisha

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool 150m High!

Kiwi Kids News

Can you swim in a glass pool that's 150m high and right on top of a busy road? I know I can't. Well if you're scared of heights this pool is not for you. This pool is called the sky pool and this infinity pool sits on the 42nd floor of the market square tower and extends 3 metres over the side of the building in Houston, Texas. If you have NZ$2660 or USA$1805 you could rent a studio apartment in the building for a week, CAN YOU BELEIVE IT!

Reported by Falisha

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oldest crocodile eggs found!

Kiwi Kids News

Do you know that the palaeontologists have discovered the worlds oldest crocodile eggs. These crocodile eggs were found in Portugal in the cliffs. An amazing fact about the eggs are that  these eggs were laid 152 million years ago.

Reported by Rajwant

Dogs hired as ball boys

Image result for border collie with tennis ball
Have you ever heard of dogs retrieving tennis balls at a tournament? Well, in Brazil, dogs are being trained to be ball boys at a tennis tournament. They have special trainers that will train them to be professionals. After the tournament, the will be on sale to be given to  good homes.
This information was researched about on Kiwi Kids News.
Reported by: Elysia, C4 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Plane Crash - Landed


                                   Plane Crash - Landed

More than forty passengers have escaped with their lives after a plane crash landed and caught fire in north western South Sudan. The South Supreme Airlines flight from the capital Juba experienced difficulty landing and went up in flames on the runway.

                                   Reported by Falisha

Hundertwasser Art

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